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Baptiste Foundation Raises $317K at New Identity Launch.

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The Baptiste Foundation smashed their fundraising target by 10x as they launched their new identity created with Autotelic Arts.

They raised $317K in donation pledges which will support US Front Line Medics and First Responders. All this just two weeks after completing their Identity Foundation Program with Autotelic Arts 100% remotely via video calls.

All this just two weeks after completing their Identity Foundation Program with Autotelic Arts 100% remotely via video calls.

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The Baptiste Foundation bring the personal development and transformational capabilities of the Baptiste Institute Yoga Methodology to underserved communities like At-Risk Youth, First Responders, Veterans and Front Line Health Workers in North America.During a 6-month intensive Identity Foundation Program, I guided their leadership team of 8 intentional ladies through a bespoke framework of identity definition, group discussion and vision setting. Ultimately they created a clear, compelling and crucially shared understanding of their company identity so that they could talk about the Baptiste Foundation with clarity, confidence and passion.

Initial $30K fundraising target eclipsed with $317K pledged in  4 days

The wondrous thing about this story is that apart from showcasing the impact Autotelic Arts has had on a heart focussed business, the type of which we are so passionate about helping. It also provides a powerful and immediate example of the value in comprehensively understanding and aligning your team to your company identity.

So what happened?

At the end of March 2020, the Baptiste Institute hosted a Global Yoga Summit, over four days, with 300+ leaders from their global community. The Global Yoga Summit, by design, causes deep community, empowering the participants to take on their next level of leadership, business and life.

The Baptiste Foundation team were planning to launch the new Baptiste Foundation identity ( Values, Beliefs, Culture, Mission, Vision and Purpose) during the Summit. They also wanted to kick start the 2020 fundraising drive and had established a target of $30K for the event.

After sharing the new Foundation identity with the Institute leadership team on the eve of the Summit, the response, understanding and resonance were so overwhelmingly positive that they immediately increased the fundraising target to $50K. The effectiveness with which the team hosting the Summit absorbed the new identity and went on to create an embodied five finger mnemonic to own the value system was astonishing for everyone present!

Awareness, understanding and discussion of the new identity were organically showing up

The clear and compelling identity allowed the team to engage in confident and purposeful discussion with the summit participants during any downtime in the schedule. They were able to effectively fill the gaps in the proceedings in a passionate way while simultaneously cultivating a positive evolution and widespread participation in the Baptiste Foundation culture.

And boy did they get positive responses to these bold requests! Ultimately they were able to secure a total of $317K in donation pledges to the Baptiste Foundation during the four days of the Baptiste Institute Global Yoga Summit.

Phenomenal Stuff!

As the guide who helped them take their organisation from a place of confusion, bordering on a crisis, to emphatic unity and tangible bottom-line achievement, I feel honoured. The time spent understanding, facilitating and learning from their inspirational leadership group is something for which I feel much gratitude. If you are interested in the transformational work, both the Baptiste Foundation and Baptiste Institute do I would highly advise that you check them out.

If this kind of company identity transformation and return on investment sounds like something your business needs, then message me directly now. Let's talk about what is possible for your business when your team are in full understanding and alignment.

Bobby Adlington

Founder and Creative Director



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"We found a clear sense of mission and direction for what to do next with the Baptiste Foundation. Ultimately even if you told me what kind of outcome to expect I don't know if I could have comprehended the new reality that was possible from the work until I had experienced it. The process works.

Each call went by in a flash, it was stimulating and interesting. In the end, it was magical to realise how effective, simple, and clear our work and messages can be. It also helped us to be more effective in other projects for having spent this time working together.

We went from having an image problem with our constituents because we didn’t know who we wanted to serve and how we wanted to serve them to finding a new level of group connectivity that enabled us to each contribute in the co-creation of something new.

The impact is profound. We are at work and making a difference. Our community is now excited to participate. Personally I developed new skills that emphasise clarity and inspiration when I create messages in any organisation I work with.

If you really want to speed ahead quickly in your organisation with fewer mistakes to correct, I’d say do it early on...and its never too late to get started!"

Lisa Taylor

Baptiste Institute: Faculty & Team Member
Evolution Power Yoga: Owner
Evolution Go Yoga: Owner

What Does Autotelic Mean?

Bobby Adlington:
Autotelic Arts Founder
& Creative Director

I am a Conceptual Artist and Creative Consultant with 12+ years experience collaborating with artists and entrepreneurs to create and execute concepts as brand identities, digital experiences, art performances and exhibitions.

I believe that...

• The potential for inspiration is infinite, so you must always be open-minded.

• If we do this, we will find entirely new ways to look at your old problems.

• We will guide you to co-create a company identity and visual brand that delights your team and engages your community.


"Autotelic Arts helped us create a clearly defined vision for the Ocean Yoga project and branding that backs this up. Their approach is very useful for making things more concrete because they bring ideas and desires together into something much more real.

‍The beautiful visual identity that we created with Autotelic Arts definitely contributed to the success and number of people involved in the festival. The idea was there, it was a good idea and then the visual identity represented the idea in the perfect way.

Matthew Smyth

Co-founder; Ocean Yoga Festival

"I engaged Bobby and Autotelic Arts for some foundational branding work to start my company and build a few brands from the concept stage.  I was immediately impressed with his process and ability to use time blocks to get a lot of work done quickly and effectively.

‍Autotelic Arts create an open and collaborative environment using meditation and the concept of flow states as key tools to discover and verbalise the essence of the project. At times I felt like ideas were flying out in a stream of consciousness and in the end, I was able to fully express what I wanted to accomplish."

Joseph Robinson

Founder and CEO:
Natural Mystic & Conscious Connoisseur

"Even though my business was already in a phase of lots of growth and expansion I found the Autotelic Arts idea workshop to be insightful. The questions helped me reflect on where the business is and the impact it is having.

‍I couldn’t think of a problem to work on so it gave me the chance to zoom out and effectively rethink the different components of overall strategy and messaging. In doing so I gained insight into the possibilities for a new company direction and supporting messaging to grow the business that way."

Scott Pringle

Owner: Web Results

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