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The High Vibrational Business Branding Fund

We are supporting positive impact organisations to refresh their identity and rebrand with a total fund of USD 10,000 in partial funding per month.

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Do You Lead Positive Impact?

Are you a CEO, Founder or Leader of an intentional organisation that makes positive impact?
Do you feel called to refresh your identity and build your brand from the most pure and powerful parts of it?

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Rebrand with Your Autotelic Identity

What would happen if you could harness your highest vibrations into an intentional brand that deeply connects with your audience?

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From an incomplete identity and logo
to an aligned and meaningful brand


They had created a quick and lean first version of their brand to hit their initial targets but quickly outgrew it.
Autotelic Arts helped them find a succinct and powerful distillation of their identity into a brand and website that expressed this perfectly for their ideal clients.

From confused and directionless
to aligned and impactful

Baptiste Foundation

They did not know who they wanted to serve, their leadership team were not aligned and their community struggled to engage.
Autotelic Arts guided them to discover how alignment and drive creates massive impactful. They beat their quarterly fundraising target by 10 times!

From dreams and inspiration
to fully realised brand launch

Conscious Connoisseur + Natural Mystic

With abundant ideas and enthusiastic energy they could feel the vision but could not effectively define or bring it to life.
Autotelic Arts helped them to ground and focus their positive intentions into a powerfully congruent and comprehensive suite of brands ready for production.

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Autotelic Arts 3 Step Branding Process


1. Identity Foundation

Chakra focussed process of self reflection and meditation to distil the highest vibrations of your identity.


2. Brand Concept

Collaboratively Imagine brand concepts that connect your highest vibrations with the market landscape.


3. Visual Identity

Crafting a logo and style guide born from the intention of your identity and spirit of your brand.

What Does Autotelic Mean?
What to expect

The Business Branding Fund Award Includes

Identity Foundation Document
• Discover, align and focus your leadership team around the fundamental parts of your identity.
• Attract collaborators, investors and community with the most pure and powerful parts of your identity.

Brand Positioning Document
• Position your brand effortlessly for your target market with distilled concept descriptions.
• Brand Positioning Statements, Market Landscape Research, Identity Keywords, Customer Persona Story Brands

Visual Brand Guidelines
• High fidelity document with everything you need to visually showcase the high vibrations and positive intentions behind your brand everywhere you go.
• Primary Logo and responsive alternatives, Colour Palette, Photography use and styling, Layout direction templates.

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What Autotelic Means?

Autotelic Arts Client Testimonials

"I deeply enjoyed connecting with and getting to know Bobby. We shared a beautiful dance of intellects, hearts, emotions, ideas and love; all interweaved with each other into unique creative energy.

As a business owner; the biggest takeaway is how OM-ICE's many stories' were distilled into a succinct identity that powerfully came to life as a beautiful brand. As a human being, the biggest take away was Bobby. I love your energy, man, and your dedication to your craft is beautiful to witness. You have a gift! Bobby's style, focus and passion for his work made it super easy to let go and trust that we would arrive somewhere significant.

I most enjoyed the part when the visual designs were revealed. I will remember that moment for a while. The many stories I shared were encapsulated in what I was viewing. It immediately made sense."

Oberdan Marianetti

OM-ICE Creator

"Autotelic Arts helped us create a clearly defined vision for the Ocean Yoga project and branding that backs this up. Their approach is very useful for making things more concrete because they bring ideas and desires together into something much more real.

‍The beautiful visual identity that we created with Autotelic Arts definitely contributed to the success and number of people involved in the festival. The idea was there, it was a good idea and then the visual identity represented the idea in the perfect way.

Matthew Smyth

Co-founder; Ocean Yoga Festival

"I engaged Bobby and Autotelic Arts for some foundational branding work to start my company and build a few brands from the concept stage.  I was immediately impressed with his process and ability to use time blocks to get a lot of work done quickly and effectively.

‍Autotelic Arts create an open and collaborative environment using meditation and the concept of flow states as key tools to discover and verbalise the essence of the project. At times I felt like ideas were flying out in a stream of consciousness and in the end, I was able to fully express what I wanted to accomplish."

Joseph Robinson

Founder and CEO:
Natural Mystic & Conscious Connoisseur

High Vibrational Branding. What Makes Us Different?

Mindful Attention and Guidance - A dedicated space where you and your teams highest vibrations are deeply heard and understood.

A Process that Works - Designed to engage your intuitive, efficient and joyful collaboration.

Chakra Focussed Identity Framework - Easy to understand and integrate the progressive discovery and evolution of your identity.

Collaborative Visual Design Process - Leveraging your input to create a visual identity you could never imagine that makes complete sense.

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Apply for the High Vibrational Business Branding Fund
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Bobby Adlington:
Autotelic Arts Founder
& Creative Director

I am an Artist and Creative Consultant with 15+ years experience collaborating with artists and entrepreneurs to create and execute concepts as brand identities, digital experiences, art performances and exhibitions.

I specialise in creating a space for the truest parts of us to emerge and facilitating the creation and reflection of wonderful things from these experiences.

I want to use my creativity to make the world a better place. Let's elevating your positive impact.