High Vibrational Branding

Building your brand from the most pure and powerful parts of your identity

Create a High Vibrational BrandTake Free Online Idea Workshop

Free Online Idea Workshop

Reconnect to the passion in your business and boost your creativity. Unpack and explore the way you understand and talk about your company identity.

Spend 20 minutes being guided into a free flowing session of focussed discovery and reflection about your company and identity in our free online Idea Workshop.

What to expect: Do do it directly on your phone - simple guided meditation and selfie video recording exercises that create powerful contexts for self reflection.

Cost: Free

Follow the link below - on your phone right now.
2) Watch the instruction videos.
3) Recording free flowing videos in response to our questions with your phone.
4) Simply reconnect to the passion in your business and boost your creativity!

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Elevate Your Positive Impact

What are the highest vibrations that you identity with?

We will guide you through a unique Chakra focussed process to discover the highest vibrations of your identity.

Use them to design your brand concept from a place of deep understanding, effortless inspiration and joyful expression.

10x Your Impact Next Quarter

Do you feel elevated when you share your brand?

What if you felt like your visual identity was a high-end outfit, tailored bespoke for you?
It makes you feel unique and you can’t help telling everyone about what you do and why. Imagine if your team felt like this as well?

Be Elevated by Your Brand
Visual Identity Design

Would you like a bespoke brand concept and beautifully effective visual identity that is exactly what you wanted but couldn’t quite describe?

We craft the best visual identity concepts for you company into a broad selection of potential logo sketches. During creative workshops, we collaboratively select and refine the best designs taking your input into account at every step.

Ultimately our collaborative process unveils a uniquely beautiful and compelling visual identity for your business, derived from the heart of your inspiration.

You receive a brand guideline document which comprehensively details all the facets, characteristics and assets of your visual identity for you and your team to easily understand and implement.

visual identity design

Ocean Yoga Festival

• Identity Discovery
• Brand Concept Creation
• Visual Identity Design
• Brand Guidelines

visual identity design

Natural Mystic

• Identity Discovery
• Brand Concept Creation
• Visual Identity Design
• Brand Guidelines

Visual Identity Design

Conscious Connoisseur

• Identity Discovery
• Brand Concept Creation
• Visual Identity Design
• Brand Guidelines

All Visual Identity Designs

What Does Autotelic Mean?


Find Inspiration in Your Company Identity


Attract an Aligned and Energised Team


Become the Leader of Positive Change

Autotelic Arts Promise

We will help your business emerge from confusing anonymity into a brand leading positive change.

Here is what to do:
1) Book an Introductory Call With Us.

2) Let us guide you to a deeper understanding of your company identity.

3) Collaborate in our creative process to realise a brand that inspires your team.

4) Become the leader of meaningful change for your community.

Book an Introductory Call Now

Serial Social Entrepreneurs with a new business idea hire us to help them transform their inspiration into a unique and achievable concept and brand.

If you, like most, have difficulty finding the time and focus needed to nail down the identity foundation of your business. We will help you to expand your vision into a compelling company identity with a clearly defined culture, mission and purpose that you can easily share.

The bottom line is... Your investors and collaborators will be aligned and engaged in building a community that works in just the right way to maximise your positive impact.

Book an Introductory CallTake Free Online Idea Workshop
Bobby Adlington:
Autotelic Arts Founder
& Creative Director

I am a Conceptual Artist and Creative Consultant with 12+ years experience collaborating with artists and entrepreneurs to create and execute concepts as brand identities, digital experiences, art performances and exhibitions.

I believe that...

• The potential for inspiration is infinite, so you must always be open-minded.

• If we do this, we will find entirely new ways to look at your old problems.

• We will guide you to co-create a company identity and visual brand that delights your team and engages your community.


"Autotelic Arts helped us create a clearly defined vision for the Ocean Yoga project and branding that backs this up. Their approach is very useful for making things more concrete because they bring ideas and desires together into something much more real.

‍The beautiful visual identity that we created with Autotelic Arts definitely contributed to the success and number of people involved in the festival. The idea was there, it was a good idea and then the visual identity represented the idea in the perfect way.

Matthew Smyth

Co-founder; Ocean Yoga Festival

"I engaged Bobby and Autotelic Arts for some foundational branding work to start my company and build a few brands from the concept stage.  I was immediately impressed with his process and ability to use time blocks to get a lot of work done quickly and effectively.

‍Autotelic Arts create an open and collaborative environment using meditation and the concept of flow states as key tools to discover and verbalise the essence of the project. At times I felt like ideas were flying out in a stream of consciousness and in the end, I was able to fully express what I wanted to accomplish."

Joseph Robinson

Founder and CEO:
Natural Mystic & Conscious Connoisseur

"Even though my business was already in a phase of lots of growth and expansion I found the Autotelic Arts idea workshop to be insightful. The questions helped me reflect on where the business is and the impact it is having.

‍I couldn’t think of a problem to work on so it gave me the chance to zoom out and effectively rethink the different components of overall strategy and messaging. In doing so I gained insight into the possibilities for a new company direction and supporting messaging to grow the business that way."

Scott Pringle

Owner: Web Results

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